Founded in 1988, the Ellul Forum exists to bring together scholars and students who are interested in the life and work of Jacques Ellul (1912–1994), a French Protestant thinker in the fields of communication, law, sociology, technology, and theology and biblical studies.

The Forum’s goal is to evaluate and apply Ellul’s thought to aspects of our technological civilization and to carry forward his sociological and theological analyses in new directions. We consider Jacques Ellul one of the most insightful intellectuals of our era, but it is not our intention to treat his writings as a body of sacred literature to be endlessly dissected. The appropriate tribute to his work is to carry forward the spirit and agenda of Ellul’s writings for the critical analysis of our technique-saturated civilization. Ellul invites and provokes us to think new thoughts and enact new ideas. To that end, we invite you to join the conversation.