Security, Technology and Global Politics: Thinking With Virilio

  • Mark Lacy


''This is not a book for the faint of heart or dull of brain. Paul Virilio, the most corrosive critic of the 20th Century, has become by dint of intellect, clarity of vision, and relentless output, the most prophetic of the 21st. Mark Lacy skirts the polemics and poetics of Virilio to discover a piercing analysis of the propaganda of progress and administration of fear that define our times. Virilio has found in Lacy an interpreter worthy of his immense oeuvre: not an amanuensis but a gimlet-eyed theorist who cuts to the core of a truly revelatory critique of modernity.'' 

-- James Der Derian, University of Sydney, Australia



Author Biography

Mark Lacy
Mark Lacy is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations (IR hereafter) at Lancaster University, UK, who has published variously on intersections of security, IR, politics, and art.