Jacques Ellul on Violence, Resistance, and War

  • Jeff Shaw Salve Regina University


The last few decades seem to have ushered in new levels of violence,
challenging the notion that our globalized, interconnected world offers
increased prospects for cooperation and peace. Many philosophers and
theologians have offered various reasons for why this might be so, but none
has come so close as the French philosopher Jacques Ellul to providing a
comprehensive explanation for many of the pitfalls inherent in increasing
levels of technological advance. The chapters in this book explore the
phenomena of violence, terrorism, and war through the lens of Ellul’s
thought. Readers unfamiliar with Ellul will find as much to consider in
these chapters as those who have studied Ellul extensively, and for both the
novice and the expert, this book offers an opportunity to both evaluate and
reevaluate Ellul’s extensive thought on matters of importance to contemporary
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