C.S. Lewis: An Exploration through His Letters


  • Henry Hyunsuk Kim Associate Professor of Sociology


SNA, social network analysis, sociology


The impact of C.S. Lewis on literature, media, and theology has reached unparalleled status within certain Christian circles. Yet, how does one actually measure “influence” or “friendship”? It is problematic, not only in trying to operationalize “influence” and “friendship” but also because Lewis was a very private person, despite his public persona. Given these challenges, this paper explores Lewis’s “influence” and “friendship” through a series of specific questions. Rather than regurgitate the vast amount of extant works concerning Lewis this paper attempts to analyze Lewis's letters via social network analysis or SNA. This is significant because to the best of my knowledge a respective study does not exist.

Author Biography

Henry Hyunsuk Kim, Associate Professor of Sociology

Henry Hyunsuk Kim is Associate Professor of Sociology at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. He is passionate about Christ (The Person and Works), his family (the 4-H Club – Hyunsuk, Hee-Jung, Haerin, and Haenah), impacting his community (here, near, and far), and ascertaining patterns as a Christian sociologist. His life-long interest is connecting aspects of complexity science and theology. Finally, sociology without theology is powerless and theology without sociology is blind.