Not Made in the USA: A Proposal for Sweatshop Reform


  • Sarah McDevitt


Sweatshop conditions have been widely criticized by scholars because workers are required to work long and hard for very low pay in uncomfortable and unsafe environments; however, many economic scholars recognize that sweatshops play a significant role in the economic advancement of Third World countries and the wellbeing of people in these regions. Therefore, although it is true that many practices implemented by sweatshops are unethical and must be addressed, sweatshops are an economically important part of society that should not be eliminated but reformed. As one’s everyday purchases contribute to the economic effects caused by sweatshops and resultantly affect the wellbeing of factory workers, it is crucial for people to become aware and educated about the purchasing decisions they make every day so that they are not ignorant of the effects that their choices can result in.






First-Year Writing | FYW Jameson Awards