The Local Food Movement and Food Miles: Why Local Food Activists Should Focus on the Emotional Effects Before the Environmental Effects


  • Natalie Lovvoll


A controversial issue in the past decade has been whether eating locally is more or less energy efficient than buying from a conventional grocer. Over time, the majority of scholars have come to the agreement that it cannot be concluded that buying local food is always better for the environment and because of this discovery, there is a new conversation: what are the valuable strengths of the local food movement and why should consumers buy local? I argue that the main reason 21st-century consumers should buy local food is because of the positive effect it will have on their personal relationships, sense of place, and thus, their emotional wellbeing. This issue is significant because although the environmental benefits of buying local food are weak, there are many other strengths of buying locally that should be recognized and activists should continue to promote the local food movement.






Jameson First-Year Writing Contest Winners, Spring