Institutional Instructions

    1. Click ‘Purchase New Subscription’ underneath the listing of institutional subscription types.
    2. Select your 'Subscription Type' on the following page from the drop-down box. Fill out the required information, including: Institution name, Mailing address, and either your Domain or IP ranges.
    3. If you enter the ‘Domain’ field; valid values include your domain name for your library (e.g., or
    4. If you enter values in the ‘IP ranges’ field; valid values include an IP address (e.g., IP range (e.g. -, IP range with wildcard '*' (e.g. 142.58.*.*), and an IP range with CIDR (e.g.
    5. Follow Steps 3-5 in the Individual Instructions to complete your purchase.

If you encounter any issues with the payment process or technical difficulties, please contact the Subscription Manager at the Marion E. Wade Center.