Article Index

Volume 1

  • Donald R. Mitchell, "A Tribute to Clyde S. Kilby"
  • Owen Barfield, "Foreword"
  • Rolland Hein, "If You Would But Write Novels, Mr. MacDonald"
  • Ian Boyd, "In Search of the Essential Chesterton"
  • David Lyle Jeffrey, "Tolkien as Philologist"
  • Alice Mary Hadfield, "Charles Williams and His Arthurian Poetry"
  • Barbara Reynolds and Dorothy L. Sayers, "Like Aesop’s Bat"
  • George Sayer, "C.S. Lewis’s Dymer"
  • Owen Barfield, "The Concept of Revelation"

Volume 2

  • Richard Webster, "The Emperor Clothed and in His Right Mind?"
  • Owen Barfield, "The Nature of Meaning"
  • Roderick McGillis, "The Abyss of His Mother-Tongue: Scotch Dialect in Novels by George MacDonald"
  • John Sullivan, "The Everlasting Man: G.K. Chesterton’s Answer to H.G. Wells"
  • Chad Walsh, "C.S. Lewis: Critic, Creator, and Cult Figure"
  • John R. Elliott, Jr., "Dorothy L. Sayers and the Other Type of Mystery"
  • Dorothy L. Sayers, "Types of Christian Drama: With Some Notes on Production"
  • Joe McClatchey, "The Diagrammatised Glory of Williams’s Taliessin through Logres"

Volume 3

  • E.L. Mascall, "What Happened to Dorothy L. Sayers that Good Friday?"
  • Kathleen Nott, "The Emperor’s Clothes Invisible? An Open Letter to Richard Webster"
  • Dorothy L. Sayers, "The Dogma in the Manger (1954)"
  • Kathleen Nott, "Notes Towards a Reply (1982)"
  • D.J. Taylor, "Meaning and The Mind of the Maker"
  • Marion Lochhead, "George MacDonald and the World of Faery"
  • Leo A. Hetzler, "G.K. Chesterton and the Myth-Making Power"
  • Brian Horne, "Known in a Different Kind: A Comment on the Literary Criticism of Charles Williams"
  • Michael Murrin, "The Dialectic of Multiple Worlds: An Analysis of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia Stories"
  • Patrick Grant, "The Quality of Thinking: Owen Barfield as Literary Man and Anthroposophist"

Volume 4

  • A.R. Peacocke, "A Note on Scientific and Theological Enterprises"
  • D.J. Taylor, "What is Truth? An Open Letter to Kathleen Nott"
  • Bruce R. Reichenbach, "C.S. Lewis on the Desolation of Devalued Science"
  • David Holbrook, "George MacDonald and Dreams of the Other World"
  • Christiane d’Haussy, "The Symbolism of the Key in Chesterton’s Work"
  • Thomas M. Egan, "Chesterton and Tolkien: The Road to Middle-earth"
  • Elisabeth Brewer, "Charles Williams and Arthur Edward Waite"
  • Charles Huttar, "Charles Williams’s Christmas Novel: The Greater Trumps"
  • Peter J. Schakel, "Seeing and Knowing: The Epistemology of C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces"
  • Donald G. Marshall, "Gaudy Night: An Investigation of Truth"

Volume 5

  • Aidan Mackey, "Tribute to John Sullivan K.S.G."
  • Max Keith Sutton, "The Psychology of the Self in MacDonald’s Phantastes"
  • Kathy Triggs, "Worlds Apart: The Importance of Double Vision for MacDonald Criticism"
  • James G. Dixon, "Charles Williams and Thomas Cranmer at Canterbury"
  • John Cox, "Tolkien’s Platonic Fantasy"
  • Philip L. Scowcroft, "The Detective Fiction of Dorothy L. Sayers: A Source for the Social Historian?"
  • A.D. Nuttall, "Jack the Giant-Killer"
  • Martin Moynihan, "C.S. Lewis and T.D. Weldon"

Volume 6

  • Martin Moynhihan, "The Latin Letters of C.S. Lewis to Don Giovanni Calabria"
  • Thomas Kranidas, "The Defiant Lyricism of Owen Barfield"
  • David S. Robb, "The Fiction of George MacDonald"
  • Ralph E. Hone, "Dorothy L. Sayers: Critic of Detective Fiction"
  • John-Manuel Andriote, "Introduction to Charles Williams’s Incarnationalism and the Taliessin Poetry"
  • Thomas M. Egan, "The Silmarillion and the Rise of Evil: The Birth Pains of Middle-earth"
  • Review Essay:
    • Barbara Reynolds, "I Wrote It Just for Fun"

Volume 7

  • Rolland Hein, "George MacDonald: A Portrait from His Letters"
  • Norbert Waszek, "Being Somebody Else: Smith’s 'Sympathy' and Chesterton’s 'Secret'"
  • Margaret P. Hannay, "Provocative Generalizations: The Allegory of Love in Retrospect"
  • Kath Filmer, "The Polemic Image: The Role of Metaphor and Symbol in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis"
  • Peter W. Macky, "Appeasing the Gods in C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces"
  • J.S. Ryan, "Tolkien’s Concept of Philology as Mythology"
  • George Ralph, "Dorothy L. Sayers and the Proper Work of the Playwright"
  • Dorothy L. Sayers, "(I) Playwrights Are Not Evangelists, (II) Writing a Local Play"
  • Review Essays:
    • Geoffrey Price, "Scientism and the Flight from Reality"
    • Aidan Mackey, "Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc"

Volume 8

  • Beatrice Batson, "A Tribute to Clyde S. Kilby"
  • David S. Robb, "George MacDonald and Animal Magnetism"
  • John Coates, "Malaise at the Heart of The Flying Inn"
  • Diane Edwards, "Christian Existentialism in the Early Poetry of Charles Williams"
  • Gwyneth E. Hood, "Sauron as Gorgon and Basilisk"
  • George Musacchio, "Fiction in A Grief Observed"
  • Brian G. Marsden, "Dorothy L. Sayers and the Truth about Lucan"
  • Review Essay:
    • Stephen Medcalf, "Charles Williams as Natural and Preternatural"

Volume 9: Williams Centenary Issue

  • Charles A. Huttar, "The Centenary Year of Charles Williams"
  • Christopher Dean, "Inklings in Germany"
  • Owen Barfield, "A Visit to Beatrice"
  • Sylvia Bruce, "Entering the Vision: A Novelist’s View of Phantastes"
  • Denis J. Conlon, "'La Trahison des Clercs' in Chesterton’s Parables for Social Reformers"
  • Donald G. Keesee, "Specters of T.S. Eliot’s City in the Novels of Charles Williams"
  • J.S. Ryan, "Mid-Century Perceptions of the Ancient Celtic Peoples of 'England'"
  • E.L. Edmonds, "Echoes in Age from the World of J.R.R. Tolkien"
  • Philip L. Scowcroft, "A Dorothy L. Sayers Crime Play Rediscovered"
  • Patience Fetherston, "C.S. Lewis on Rationalism (Unpublished Notes)"
  • Stephen Thorson, "‘Knowledge’ in C.S. Lewis’s Post-Conversion Thought: His Epistemological Method"
  • Review Essays:
    • William H. Burnside, "Abridgement: Profit and Loss in Modernizing George MacDonald"
    • John Coates, "Despatches from the Battlefield"

Volume 10: Sayers Centenary Issue

  • Dorothy L. Sayers, "Foreword"
  • Christopher Dean, "The Centenary Year"
  • P.D. James, "Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Novels Today"
  • Thomas Michael Stein, "University Detective Fiction Then and Now: Dorothy L. Sayers’s Gaudy Night and Amanda Cross’s Death in a Tenured Position"
  • Ralph E. Hone, "From Poetaster to Poet: One Aspect of the Develop­ment of Lord Peter Wimsey"
  • William Phemister, "Dorothy L. Sayers and Music: Musicienne Malgré Elle"
  • John Thurmer, "The Greatest Story, or from Mystery to Mystery"
  • Ann Loades, "Dorothy L. Sayers and Dante’s Beatrice"
  • Manfred Siebald, "Temptation at Canterbury: T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral and Dorothy L. Sayers’s The Zeal of Thy House"
  • Andrew Lewis, "An Almost Perfect Match: Dorothy L. Sayers on Cricket"

Volume 11

  • Feature Article: Shadowlands Observed
  • Joe H. McClatchey, "Charles Williams and the Arthurian Tradition"
  • William Raeper, "Diamond and Kilmeny: MacDonald, Hogg, and the Scottish Folk Tradition"
  • Shirley Sugerman, "'BARSPECS': Owen Barfield’s Vision"
  • G.K. Chesterton, "Studies of the Faces of Man; Man"
  • Peter Milward, "Personal Memories of a Lewis Scholar in Japan"

Volume 12: Volume Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Wade Center

  • Christopher W. Mitchell, "Wade Center 30th Anniversary"
  • Giogio Spina, "Lilith: A Dark Labyrinth towards the Light"
  • Dorothy L. Sayers, "Worship in the Anglican Church"
  • Nancy E. Topolewski, "Under the Mercy: An Introduction to Charles Williams"
  • Mary Zimmer, "Creating and Re-creating Worlds with Words: The Religion and the Magic of Language in The Lord of the Rings"
  • Don W. King, "'Making the Poor Best of Dull Things': C.S. Lewis as Poet"
  • Petra-Angela Wacker, "The Image in the Mirror: Americans in Wimsey’s Acquaintance"
  • Review Essay:
    • Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull, "The History of Middle-earth"

Volume 13

  • Rolland Hein, "G.K. Chesterton: Myth, Paradox, and the Commonplace"
  • Adrian Gunther, "The Day Boy and the Night Girl"
  • David L. Neuhouser, "Higher Dimensions: C.S. Lewis and Mathematics"
  • William Phemister, "Fantasy Set to Music: Donald Swann, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien"
  • Mark A. Noll, "Dorothy L. Sayer’s Worship in the Anglican Church: A Presbyterian Response"
  • Colin Buchanan, "An Anglican Response"
  • Review Essay:
    • Barbara Reynolds, "Dorothy L.: A Dramatic Portrait of Dorothy L. Sayers"

Volume 14

  • Giles Watson, "Dorothy L. Sayers and the Oecumenical Penguin"
  • Rosamond Kent Sprague, "Dorothy L. Sayers and Aristotle"
  • Rolland Hein, "Beyond Ideas: The Intrigue of the Lilith Manuscripts"
  • John Thurmer, "Response to Dorothy L. Sayers’s Worship in the Anglican Church"
  • Suzanne Bray, "Disseminating Glory: Echoes of Charles Williams in the Works of T.S. Eliot"
  • Richard C. West, "Warren Lewis: Historian of the Inklings and of Seventeenth-Century France"
  • Jill Paton Walsh, "On Being a Ghost"
  • G.K. Chesterton, "Christmas and Sport (Introduction by Adam Schwartz)"
  • Anthony Palmer Dawson, "Authors on the Internet"

Volume 15: Lewis and Barfield Centenary Issue

  • Remembrances:
    • Own Barfield remembered by Christopher Mitchell
  • Stephen Thorson, "Barfield’s Evolution of Consciousness: How Much Did Lewis Accept?"
  • David C. Downing, "'The Dungeon of His Soul': Lewis’s Unfinished Quest of Bleheris"
  • Michael Ward, "Through the Wardrobe: A Famous Image Explored"
  • Don W. King, "Glints of Light: The Unpublished Short Poetry of C.S. Lewis"
  • Review Essays:
    • David Lavery, "Owen Barfield: A Reader’s Guide"
    • Peter J. Schakel, "Books about C.S. Lewis: A Starting Point"

Volume 16

  • Cicero Bruce, "The Influence of Charles Williams on the Life and Work of W.H. Auden"
  • Stephen Medcalf, "'The Language Learned of Elves': Owen Barfield, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings"
  • Deirdre Hayward, "George MacDonald and Jacob Boehme: Lilith and the Seven-fold Pattern of Existence"
  • John Thurmer, "Sayers and Son"
  • Harry Blamires, "Oral History Interview"

Volume 17

  • Colin Manlove, "The Lion at 50"
  • Arden R. Smith and Patrick Wynne, "Tolkien and Esperanto"
  • Barbara Reynolds, "'Dear Jim...': The Reconstruction of a Friendship"
  • K. James Gilchrist, "2nd Lieutenant Lewis"
  • Dominic Manganiello, "Dante and His Daughter: Dorothy L. Sayers’s Response to Maud Bodkin"

Volume 18

  • Dedication of the New Marion E. Wade Center: Remarks by Director Chris Mitchell, Wheaton College Provost Stanton Jones, Honorable Robert Culshaw, Barbara Reynolds, and a poem by Jill Baumgaertner
  • Don King, "Quorum Porum: The Literary Cats of T.S. Eliot, Ruth Pitter, and Dorothy L. Sayers"
  • K.J. Gilchrist, "Continuing Research on 2nd Lieutenant Lewis"
  • Gavin Ashenden, "Charles Williams and the Tradition of Alchemy"
  • Arthur Rupprecht, "The Versatile C.S. Lewis: Latin Scholar"

Volume 19

  • Barbara Reynolds, "Intellectual Tyranny: A Rebellion?"
  • Mark A. Noll, "C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity (the Book and the Ideal) at the Start of the Twenty-first Century"
  • J.S. Ryan, "J.R.R. Tolkien’s Formal Lecturing and Teaching at the University of Oxford, 1929-1959"
  • Doris T. Myers, "Browsing the Glome Library"
  • Monika B. Hilder, "The Foolish Weakness in C.S. Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy: A Feminine Heroic"
  • Clyde S. Kilby, "Chapter III of Tolkien and The Silmarillion"

Volume 20

  • Suzanne Bray, "C.S. Lewis and Politics"
  • Barbara Reynolds, "Dorothy L. Sayers and War"
  • John Pridmore, "George MacDonald’s Transfiguring Fantasy"
  • Stephen Barber, "Metaphysical and Romantic in the Taliessin Poems"
  • Christine R. Simpson, "Some Views on Catholic Tales and Christian Songs"
  • Review Essay:
    • Colin Duriez, "Survey of Tolkien Literature"

Volume 21

  • Stephen Dunning, "Charles Williams and Owen Barfield: Common (and Uncommon) Ground"
  • Diana Pavlac Glyer and Laura K. Simmons, "Dorothy L. Sayers and C.S. Lewis: Two Approaches to Creativity and Calling"
  • Janet Brennan Croft, "'Bid the Tree Unfix His Earthbound Root': Motifs from Macbeth in The Lord of the Rings"
  • Robert Boenig, "Lewis and Morris"
  • Joseph Hugh Simmons, "Charles Williams as Medieval Troubadour"

Volume 22

  • Colin Manlove, "MacDonald’s Shorter Fairy Tales: Journeys into the Mind"
  • Crystal Downing, "The Orthodoxology of Dorothy L. Sayers"
  • George Musacchio, "C.S. Lewis, T.S. Eliot, and the Anglican Psalter"
  • Don W. King, "Fire and Ice: C.S. Lewis and the Love Poetry of Joy Davidman and Ruth Pitter"
  • Robert J. Palma, "C.S. Lewis’s Use of Analogy in Theological Understanding"

Volume 23

  • Richard Gill, "G.K. Chesterton: Social Criticism and the Sense of Wonder"
  • Jack L. Knowles, "That 'Such a Genius Should Be a Beastly American': C.S. Lewis as Critic of American Literature"
  • Christopher Dean, "'My Dear Norah': The Course of a Friendship"
  • Emma B. Hawkins, "Eagles with Attitude: Chaucer and Tolkien"
  • Don W. King, "Finding Joy: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Works of Joy Davidman"
  • Review Essay:
    • Mark R. Talbot, "Theism and Thought"

Volume 24

  • David Robb, "Worshipping the Hero: MacDonald and Carlyle’s Early Novels"
  • Norbert Feinendegen, "Contemplating C.S. Lewis’s Epistemology"
  • Laura Simmons, "'Seeking but To Do Thee Grace': Dorothy L. Sayers’s Illustrated Religious Cards"
  • Paul Tankard, "Didactic Pleasures: Learning in C.S. Lewis’s Narnia"
  • Crystal Downing, "Feminist Nay-Sayers: Are Women Human?"

Volume 25

  • Chad Schrock, "A Myth of Hubris in Till We Have Faces"
  • Reid Makowsky, "The Inhabitants of Cosmo’s Drawer"
  • Owen Barfield, "Death"
  • Stephen Thorson, Norbert Feinendegen, and Charlie Starr, "Responses to 'Contemplating C.S. Lewis’s Epistemology'"
  • Brian Horne, "Poetry and Transformation"

Volume 26

  • Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, "Conversing with Dante: Relational Assent in Williams and MacDonald"
  • Dale Sullivan, "Stoic Rationality and Divine Madness in Till We Have Faces"
  • Christine M. Fletcher, "Vocation in Work: Dorothy L. Sayers and Economic Issues"
  • Amy E.K. Vail, "That Hideous Latin in That Hideous Strength"

Volume 27

  • Steven A. Beebe, "C.S. Lewis on Language and Meaning"
  • C.S. Lewis, "Language and Human Nature"
  • Owen A. Barfield and Adelene Barfield, "In Search of Lucy: The Life of Lucy Barfield"
  • Tom McAlindon, "C.S. Lewis Remembered: Cambridge, 1957-1960"
  • John D. Rateliff, "Introduction to Woodland Prisoner: Kilby on Tolkien"
  • Clyde S. Kilby, "Woodland Prisoner"
  • Breet Foster, "Introducing Two Poems by Owen Barfield"
  • Own Barfield, "Rust" and "She"
  • Samuel Joeckel, "C.S. Lewis and the Art of the Apologue"
  • Review Essays:
    • Ralph C. Wood, "G.K. Chesterton as Thinker and Theologian"
    • Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, "Dearborn's The Baptized Imagination"

Volume 28

  • David C. Downing and Bruce R. Johnson, "C.S. Lewis's Unfinished 'Easley Fragment' and his Unfinished Journey"
  • Daniel Gabelman, "Nocturnal Anarchist, Mystic, and Fairytale King: G.K. Chesterton's Portrait of George MacDonald"
  • Chris Willerton, "Dorothy L. Sayers and the Creative Reader"
  • Michael David Elam, "The Ainulindalë and J.R.R. Tolkien's Beautiful Sorrow in Christian Tradition"
  • Martin Ferguson Smith, "Dorothy L. Sayers and the Somersham Pageant of 1908"

Volume 29

  • Ben Murnane, "Frodo's Band of Brothers: Myth, Morality, and Reality in J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen E. Ambrose"
  • Charles A. Huttar, "'Let Grill Be Grill': The Metamorphosis of Rabadash and Others"
  • Caroline Barta, "'That Precarious Balance': Harmonizing Temperance in Dorothy L. Sayers's Gaudy Night"
  • Andrew Lazo, "Correcting the Chronology: Some Implications of 'Early Prose Joy'"
  • John Patrick Pazdziora and Joshua Richards, "The Dantean Tradition in George MacDonald's At the Back of the North Wind"
  • Don W. King, "'A Naked Tree': Joy Davidman's Love Sonnets to C.S. Lewis"

Volume 30: Volume Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of C.S. Lewis's Death

  • Andrew Lazo, "Early Prose Joy: A Brief Introduction"
  • C.S. Lewis, "Early Prose Joy: C.S. Lewis's Early Draft of an Autobiographical Manuscript"
  • Walter Hooper, "A Grief Observed: A Study of C.S. Lewis's Thoughts on the Subject"
  • Bruce R. Johnson, "C.S. Lewis's and the BBC's Brains Trust: A Study in Resiliency"
  • Suzanne Rosenthal Shumway, "'Shifting Change': Liminality and Gender in Till We Have Faces"
  • Review Essay:
    • Adam Schwartz, "The Hopeless Hope of G.K. Chesterton"

Volume 31

  • Remembrances:
    • Christopher Mitchell remembered by Adam Schwartz
    • Stratford Caldecott remembered by Carol Zaleski
  • Andrew C. Stout, "'It Can Be Done, You Know': The Shape, Sources, and Seriousness of Charles Williams's Doctrine of Substituted Love"
  • Charlie W. Starr, "Two Pieces from C.S. Lewis's 'Moral Good' Manuscript: A First Publication"
  • Philip Irving Mitchell, "Adventurous Types: G.K. Chesterton's Varied Types and the Wisdom in Historical Verisimilitude"
  • Glenn Davis, "Pride and Medieval Poetics in The Hobbit"
  • Walter Raubicheck, "The Man Who Was Thursday and The Nine Tailors: All the Evidence Points to God"

Volume 32: Volume Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wade Center

  • Remembrances:
    • Barbara Reynolds remembered by the VII editors
    • David Gresham remembered by Abigail Santamaria
    • David Neuhouser remembered by Jerry Root
    • Bruce L. Edwards remembered by Jerry Root
  • George Musacchio, "C.S. Lewis’s Unpublished Letter in Old English"
  • William Howard, "'To Perceive the Loveliness of Human Character through All the Incumbent Shades of Error': George MacDonald, Lady Byron, and the Remarkable Annabella Milbanke"
  • Crystal Hurd, "The Pudaita Pie: Reflections on Albert Lewis"
  • Warren and C.S. Lewis, "The Pudaita Pie: An Anthology"
  • Joshua Avery, "Charles Williams’s Critique of Romantic Individualism in Descent into Hell"
  • Christine M. Fletcher, "Dorothy L. Sayers: Advertising, Art, and the Good Life"
  • Stephen Prickett, "'It Makes No Difference': C.S. Lewis’s Criticism, Fiction, and Theology"
  • Review Essay:
    • Ralph C. Wood, "Why the Inklings Won’t Go Away"

Volume 33

  • Remembrances:
    • David Lavery remembered by Jane Hipolito
  • Kathryn Wehr, "Sayers as a Catholic"
  • Dabney Park, "A Letter from C.S. Lewis"
  • Elaine Tixier, "On the Stairs of the Great Gate: C.S. Lewis's Imagination and the Quest for Faith in Till We Have Faces"
  • Taylor Hibbs, "Meddling in the Mind of Melkor: The Silmarillion and the Nature of Sin"
  • Joseph Chapa, "Puddleglum, Pascal, and Plato: Epistemology in C.S. Lewis's The Silver Chair"
  • Charlie W. Starr, "Villainous Handwriting: A Chronological Study of C.S. Lewis's Script"
  • Review Essays:
    • Edwin Tait, "New Light on the Great War"
    • Travis Buchanan, "An Unwelcome Transposition (C.S. Lewis: Revelation and the Christ by Paul H. Brazier)"

Volume 34

  • C.S. Lewis, “Le roi s’amuse"
  • Charles Huttar, "The Playfulness of C.S. Lewis’s Creation Poem"
  • Nancy Bunting, "Tolkien’s Homecoming"
  • C.S. Lewis, "A Christmas Sermon for Pagans"
  • Joel Heck and Christopher Marsh, "Discovering 'A Christmas Sermon for Pagans'"
  • Michael J. Paulus, Jr., "Charles Williams’s Theology of Publishing"
  • C.S. Lewis, "Letters to Malcolm: Letter XIIa"
  • Norbert Feinendegen, "Letters to Malcolm: The Lost Chapter"
  • J. Patrick Pazdziora and Joshua C. Richards, "Balder, Adonis, Bacchus, Aslan: Frazer and Sacrament in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian"
  • Jeffrey Hipolito, "Lovejoy, Collinwood, Barfield: From 'History of Ideas' to 'Evolution of Consciousness'"

Volume 35

  • Danny Gabelman, "The Story of Prince Lucio: G.K. Chesterton and the Visual Imagination"
  • Walter Hansen, "Augustine and C.S. Lewis on Friendship"
  • Sørina Higgins, "Charles Williams and Friendship"
  • Joel Heck, "Hugo Dyson: A Roaring Cataract of Nonsense"
  • Don W. King, "Warnie at War (1914-1918)"
  • Kathryn Wehr, "Sayers's Use of Secondary Sources in The Man Born to be King"
  • Review Essay:
    • Brenton Dickieson, "A Critical Moment in Lewis Gender Studies"