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In 1980, when VII was founded, scholars were releasing a handful of books every year primarily about Lewis and Tolkien. Forty years later, a new generation of scholars are publishing numerous works of excellent and well-researched literature not just about Lewis and Tolkien but increasingly on authors like Sayers, MacDonald, Chesterton, Barfield, and Williams as well. In order to stay abreast of the latest book releases, VII is delighted to announce our digital-only Volume 36.2. Beginning this year, VII will now publish timely book reviews, review essays, and book notes midway between our main issues. We anticipate that this high-quality, free content will aid our readers and help them stay better informed about the state of scholarship on the seven Wade authors.

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Volume 36 (2019)

Volume 36 features previously unpublished content and articles related to two important figures from the life of C.S. Lewis: Dr. Robert E. Havard and Joy Davidman. First, Sarah O’Dell analyzes Havard’s unedited appendix to C.S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain, examining how Lewis edited this note on “Pain and Behaviour in Medical Practice” written by his close friend, fellow Inkling, and personal physician. Next, Andrew Barron discusses the centrality of Joy Davidman Lewis’s Jewishness on her sense of identity. Accompanying his article is Davidman’s previously unpublished sermon fragment and notes titled “Chosen for What? (The Problem of the Christian Jew).”

This issue also includes in-depth articles about our core authors and their literary work. Joel Heck argues that C.S. Lewis’s work on the Anglican Commission to Revise the Psalter was “the crowning achievement of his public church life.” Mike Wilhelm explores the ways in which George MacDonald utilizes imagery from Dante in his novel Lilith “to bring repentance to a young Victorian mind stunted by scientism.” Finally, visit VII’s online home to read an intriguing theory about the real-life inspiration for the character of Jane Studdock in That Hideous Strength by David C. Downing as well as a number of book reviews.

Published: 2020-03-17


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The annual journal of the Marion E. Wade Center provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of the lives and works of the seven Wade authors.

In 1980, Dr. Barbara ReynoldsDr. Clyde S. Kilby, and Dr. Beatrice Batson founded VII: Journal of the Marion E. Wade Center. For over thirty years, this peer-reviewed academic journal has promoted awareness of the seven authors of the Wade Center, as well as encouraged critical assessment of their numerous and diverse works. VII is designed for both the general and specialized reader and offers a particular emphasis on the literary, philosophical, religious, and historical aspects of the authors and their writings, including those which remain unpublished.

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Reviews of VII

"VII will be of enormous interest to anyone who cares about English literature and, particularly, about fine literature which is also Christian."
Madeleine L'Engle

"The seven writers highlighted in this journal were by no means artists for art's sake: they were idea-oriented, involved always with perennial matters. Their deepest concerns are still our concerns, and VII promises to conduct an interdisciplinary dialog of major significance."
Modern Language Review