Volume 37 (2020)

Our usual practice is to publish the print and digital versions of our new volume of VII simultaneously. However, this year we have made an exception due to our desire to make a number of remembrances available as timely as possible. As a result, the digital version of volume 37 of VII is now available online while our print version will not ship until sometime in January 2021. However, subscribers still have the option to order either the digital or print version (or both) of volume 37.

Volume 37 explores several works by Wade authors: Owen Barfield, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Dorothy L. Sayers. Additionally, many articles in this issue consider the work of these authors in relation to one another.

Josiah Peterson and Charlie W. Starr share their discovery of unpublished notes that formed the basis for C.S. Lewis’s “Paper on Reason to the Socratic Club.” Tiffany Brooke Martin explores a timely and terrifying short story, Night Operation, by Owen Barfield that “deserve[s] to be better known.” Toby F. Coley analyzes the sacramental ontology woven into Lewis’s final novel in the Ransom Trilogy, That Hideous Strength; while David Bratman traces the history of Tolkien’s Lost Road and Lewis’s enigmatic references to Numenor in That Hideous Strength. Finally, Harry Lee Poe decodes Dorothy L. Sayers prodigious insights into Edgar Allan Poe's contributions to detective fiction, and Don W. King unpacks the gift of Warren H. Lewis housed at the Marion E. Wade Center, The Lewis Family Papers.

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Published: 2020-12-23

Remembering Walter Hooper