Volume 35 (2018)

Volume 35 features articles on four of our authors as well as two key figures in the life of C.S. Lewis: his brother Warnie, and one of the Inklings, Hugo Dyson. In addition, this volume includes an engaging analysis and description of G.K. Chesterton’s unpublished fairy tale, “Prince Lucio” by Daniel Gabelman and Jeremiah Mercurio. Finally, in this issue Sørina Higgins offers valuable insight into Charles Williams’s theology of friendship as well as the complicated issues that shaped some of his relationships; Don W. King describes the biographical milieu of Warren Lewis’s service in WWI as detailed in his diary and the Lewis Family Papers which are held at the Wade Center; and Kathryn Wehr examines some of the sources which influenced Sayers’s radio dramas of The Man Born to Be King.

This volume includes online-only content. Such content does not appear in the print edition and is available for free (below). Page numbers are consecutive, however, online-only content pagination begins with an 'e.' Please cite all online content as follows: "Kim, Henry. "C.S. Lewis: An Exploration through His Letters." VII 35 (2018): e149-191.

Published: 2018-12-01